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Beginner piano practice tips

Practise daily for at least 30 minutes.

Get your sitting position right and make sure you are sitting upright but relaxed with a slight fall of the forearm to the keys. Don't drop the wrist. Spend time learning the names of the notes - initially in the RH treble clef and as soon as you are confident enough learn the LH bass notes too. Write down, name and play the notes.

Both Maryvonne and Clifford are meticulous about encouraging you to use the correct fingering. In addition, don't move the hands around once you have found the starting notes of the first easy pieces. This will develop your muscular memory and assist progress greatly.

Try and look at your hands as little as possible and rather concentrate on following every note of music going up and down. Follow the line of the music. Is it going to the next note or is it missing out a note?
Whilst practising piano slowly and hands separately, it is hard to hear the tune. Try not to get frustrated by this: it is a normal stage to get through. As you gradually achieve more speed, the tune becomes recognisable and that's your reward for practising slowly.

Prices are clearly marked on the website. The more frequent and regular the lessons, the lower the fee. For Clifford, use the email music@marycliff.com and pay from your PayPal account to Clifford Evans. For Maryvonne pay at the beginning of the lesson in cash.

If this page was too basic for you, try the intermediate page

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